Welcome to the ICT Directorate - Online

The ICT Directorate was established by the University in order to keep up with global trends of integrating the power of information technology to better deliver effective teaching and learning services.

We are a Directorate: charged with the responsibility of ensuring that ICT services are up and running, supporting University activities.

Goals The Directorate handles the following functions:

  1. Network design, planning, installation and maintenance
  2. Software and Operating system configuration, testing, installation and support
  3. Changing planning, recording and management for any change to the ICT infrastructure or development environment
  4. Software and License Control for all Software purchased for use within the University
  5. Database/Environment creation, maintenance and administration
  6. Implementation and Monitoring of the best practice information related security processes
  7. Project co-ordination for both internal infrastructure-based and the University-wide projects
  8. ICT Policy & Strategy development and implementation
  9. Maintain server functions for email, internet, databases, file storage and administration
  10. End user ICT training, Data management services and Technical Support Services
  11. Website design and development
Latest News
New Website Launched-September, 2014

Message from the Director of ICT

We ensure that the University becomes the information Hotspot>>>

(Director - Mr. Seyani Nayeja)

Computer Science(BSc.)
Coding Theory and Cryptography(PGD)